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Why LidsLash

We're all hard on our sunglasses!  They are seen as an extension of our persona but we don't always treat them very kindly.  We hang them on our shirt collars, balance them on our foreheads, and even tie straps to them and dangle them around our necks. The #1 item lost at outdoor events or activities is sunglasses.      

And if you're like us and wear hats often, you treat them even worse!  You perch them up on your hat brim and expect them to hold on tight as you race through life.  They are strong, even when you throw caution to the wind and make a bunch of poor decisions, but they aren't that strong and sometimes they lose their grip and fall off onto hard surfaces or slip below the waterline.  Sometimes you can get to them, only to realize their lenses are now gouged and they've been mauled by a mountain lion.   Sometimes you lose them outright and they become part of some stranger's Instagram post with the hashtag #ShadesOfSorrow

It doesn't have to be that way!  You can still wear your favorite sunglasses and hats, only ditch the ridiculous traditional sunglass strap necklace and instead let the LidsLash hold your shades where you always put them... on your hat brim... until you need them.  It's unique, sporty, easy-to-use and works with most eyewear and virtually any hat!  Need your sunglasses?  Just grab them like you've always done and the "Lash" will release and rebound back into position and ready for the next use.  How cool is that?  Stop losing your sunglasses, scratching their lenses, and spending money replacing them by ordering a LidsLash today!

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