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The "Revolutionary" new sunglasses gadget everyone is talking about!

Today's quality sunglasses, the ones that actually protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, are expensive!!  Having them tumble unexpectedly off your hat brim, where we all instinctively perch them when we don't need them, and lost or the lenses scratched is like rubbing salt in a wound.  

The Easy-to-Use LidsLash will secure sunglasses "High & Tight" on virtually any hat brim until they're needed.  If you've watched the video above, you've seen just how easily the LidsLash is to use and how strong the magnets are to hold sunglasses to a hat.  You can actually windmill your hat around and your glasses stay right where you put them!    

Read the reviews, watch the videos below, and most importantly.... get the new sunglasses gadget everyone is talking about that can stop the loss or damage of your shades and put back in your wallet or purse the money you would have spent replacing your lost or damaged sunglasses!!

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